Kids Gardening Pots

Kids love summer gardening! Our little group took a walk thru our property and picked small pups off the succulents in various locations.
They individually combined their favorites and jumped into designing special pots. If you take a close look, you will see they combined color, size, and texture, to create wonderful variety. Each one reflects their own personal expression. They took their pots home to find just the right spot to nurture and watch it grow!
If you have any succulents in your landscape, chances are pretty good that you have tiny duplicate pups growing off the same plant.  If you snip off with an inch or so of stem, you can easily replant in a small pot or alternate location.
Another option is to make a trip to your local gardening shop, we have Walter Anderson’s near by. Let the kids pick their favorite shape, color, texture for variety and they’ll create their personal pot of favorites. They may choose to keep one special favorite in a pot on it’s own. 🙂
Have fun!




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