Container Gardening

We’re surrounded by a beautiful, enjoyable garden of succulents, flowers, stone, and outdoor living areas! We might wonder… How can we share with kids, all the facets of what it means to enjoy our garden?
By experience, children learn a beautiful garden is eco-friendly, provides oxygen to the environment, and is overall a happy place to play and share with family and friends.

Another level of enlightenment begins when they have a ‘hands on’ part of this growing miracle.

In a previous blog we started with planting succulents, (see pictures on a previous blog), which are easy to grow.  Their reward is watching a small creative container flourish with their care and attention.

Now what about tasting? Why not incorporate an area for the kids to have a part in growing herbs, veggies, lettuces and even fruits. CONTAINER GARDENING works well for this!
They learn about HEALTHY SOIL and how it plays a valuable part when it comes to growing things and how it IMPACTS THE RESULTS of their yummy herbs and veggies.

Children truly comprehend farm to table life style right away, when their first sprig of arugula ends up in the family dinner salad. Watch the smile, when they know their strawberries are sweetening up the morning fruit bowl or that yummy Strawberry Shortcake dessert.

In our family, the children thought of early morning harvesting of the perfect sprigs of lavender. With lavender syrup gently infused into crepes, a tradition was born, for the ‘sleep over breakfast’!

Here are a few more favorites for everyone to enjoy:
Drop a few Lemon Verbena and Peppermint leaves in a jar of spring water and steep in the sunshine for a few hours, to make delicious ice tea. Be creative and blend any combinations of herbs that are family favorites.

Fresh figs… Take some fresh, home grown figs and slice onto your prepared crostini, dribbled with gorgonzola cheese and bake until melted. Delightful appetizer!

Garden to table is a wonder to children and all of the family. It promotes a healthy, creative lifestyle that keeps us connected to how to grow and appreciate living things. Our garden is a happy place to be together, share with friends and enjoy all the facets it has to offer…

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