LET’S TALK DETAILS of an innovative, beautiful, yet practical landscape for you, that evolves with time… from infrastructure to completion.

With 40 years’ of hands on experience in all facets of the landscape industry…

John Reichardt is providing landscape consultation for local residents and contractors. John shares horticultural choices and design that work locally while implementing good practices for our environment.

Just so you know ahead of time… The consultation is a unique information based service for your property, performed by John Reichardt. This is unlike an estimate for work.

Cabrillo Landscape San Diego

From John:

Like a fingerprint, each property is unique, a microclimate of its own. The proper choice horticulturally and placement of plant materials is essential. We consider property drainage, soil, sunlight exposure, and irrigation demands for a beautiful, thriving, enduring landscape.

Call for a consultation and let’s talk about the details and options.


Landscape Consultation


This consultation includes professional advice specific and unique for your property in the areas of  horticulture, soil, drainage, hardscape, screening, irrigation, and lighting.


Do you have your own gardener taking care of the basics? This Quarterly Maintenance Consultation includes a quarterly report of tasks ahead, necessary for maintaining a beautiful, healthy landscape. Your detailed report will follow the quarterly property walk thru. Quarterly Cost based on complexity of existing landscape.

Cabrillo Landscape Maintenance

Other Services

Landscape Consultation

Landscape Consultation

LET’S TALK DETAILS of an innovative, beautiful, yet practical landscape for you, that evolves with time…

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

ENERGIZED, revitalized and refreshed from the challenges of the day! That’s your benefit from a well maintained landscape.

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Container Gardening

Pots and Planting

PLANTING POTS…We are LAUNCHING our new Container Gardening Service for our local community!

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San Diego Mulch Landscape


We provide options of mulch for you to choose from, deliver it to your property and spread for a beautiful finished look.

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