We are committed to environmental friendly techniques!

Mulching is beneficial in helping to improve soil, conserve water, keep weeds down and enhance landscapes.

Cabrillo Landscape San Diego

Mulching benefit details:

Inhibits weed germination and growth which steals resources from desirable garden plants!

Holds in soil moisture, this protects your plants from drying out quickly.

Moderates soil-temperature fluctuations. This is valuable during those times of extreme weather events we’ve had – excessive rain, heat, and drought, when you don’t want your plants to be stressed. In the heat it helps keep plant roots cooler.

Adds a bit of welcome nutrition to your landscape as it breaks down with the right choice

Has an attractive finished look.

Give us a call and let’s get started!

We’ll suggest the best mulch option for your application, deliver and spread for a beautiful finished look.

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Landscape Consultation

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Landscape Maintenance

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San Diego Mulch Landscape


We provide options of mulch for you to choose from, deliver it to your property and spread for a beautiful finished look.

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