LAUNCHING POTS AND PLANTING’ by Cabrillo Landscape, Inc. for our local community! 

Freshen up your out-door living space!

It’s all the rage in horticulture– whether your preference is succulents, natives, grasses, unique plantings, seasonal flowers, herbs, veggie edibles or a single statement plant or tree.

Think of the many locations you can bring a fresh, current style to. Add a little celebratory color for the sense of vitality it brings.

Cabrillo Landscaping Container Gardening

Ready to connect to your outdoor living?                                                            

How about right in your entry, porch, patio, terrace, or balcony- add the perfect POT.

Let’s talk about ideas for design, placement, and plant choices to implement favorite planted pots into your outdoor space. We’ll combine the right soil for your plant choices along with proper drainage layering. These are key to the thriving health of your planted pots.

GARDEN NEWS FLASH…We have designed ‘Small Living Art Planters’ for any room inside or out. Complete and ready to choose from! Each artsy container and design is unique, no two are alike. Check out a few at:

Rare Bloom Boutique, 2841 Canon St. , San Diego, CA 92106

For all choices and current photos, request from

Local- Free delivery

Cabrillo Landscape Pots and Plants

Don’t worry about how to transport large pots to your property.

We can deliver the selected containers, plantings, special blended soil and PLANT ONSITE for easy placement.

Our goal is providing pots you love and unique to your property! Beautiful, healthy and creative that are ‘Grow Ready’!

Cabrillo Landscape Pots and Plants


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