There are so many wonderful choices in container gardening and succulents are a designers dream. Obtaining several of the same or similar containers may be an investment but similar shapes and colors invariably enhance outdoor living areas.

When grouping them together, a focal point is created. If you use three pots, you may choose to plant two pots with simple succulent choices, and use one pot to replant annually, to showcase a variety of color and texture in succulents.

Another option is planting and leaving a little room in each pot for adding other special finds as you discover new succulent favorites.

As they fill in, you can easily take cuttings and create new pots along the way. You literally can just take a cutting, place it in a little soil with light water and it will grow, grow, and grow!  As they fill in the transformation will amaze you.

The options are many in this succulent world of endless shape, color, texture, size and unique interest.


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